Never let you hair touch a harsh bath towel again, it deserves better. Lisse hair turbans are the first-ever designed specifically with your hair in mind - made with Aquitex™, the proprietary moisture-wicking fabric, it gently dries hair in half the time. So all you’re left with is hair that’s frizz-free, vibrant and full of shine.

AQUIS Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban


    Lisse: Lightweight, smooth surface fabric for gentle hair drying.


    • Easily secures around head for hands-free drying
    • Protects hair from water damage
    • Dries hair 50% faster
    • Reduces frizz, friction, and stress on hair
    • Fights splits ends, tangles, and breakage
    • Smoothesthe cuticle to promote natura shine
    • Hair looks and feels softer, stronger, and smoother and is easier to style.
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