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The creation of Tantalizing Tresses, as a business, has been a long time coming. My desire is for each guest to experience something unique and personal to them. Giving you what you didn't know was missing from your salon experience. 

As a licensed professional, I invest in high quality products and advance technical training because your hair deserves the best. Shamelessly dedicated to my craft and rendering an exquisite guest experience...styling with knowledge, I believe, is a key component to the

ultimate experience.



I'm Tatiana and I'm a Hair Care Specialist and Colorist offering a no nonsense approach to caring for and coloring hair.  After seeing a need for a stylist that focuses on healthy hair care and healthy hair coloring practices, I decided to make them my niche.


With the goal of educating clients on the possibilities of their hair, I pride myself on continuing my own education.  Whether you're in need of bi-weekly maintenance, trims and treatments or a color transformation, I am more than capable to help you take your hair to new heights.


I am a southern California native and proud Air Force veteran. My hair journey began nearly 20 years ago through the partnership of my high school and the local beauty college. From the after school braiding sessions, the military basic training relaxers, and the basement hair appointments, my craft has evolved.


Throughout the years, I have committed myself to the evolution of my art, continuing education, and staying abreast of developing hair trends.

Tantalizing Tresses has been a lifelong dream. Being able to change the lives, even if only for a moment, of everyone who sits in my chair is a blessing. I am deeply humbled by the guest, throughout the years, who has entrusted me with their hair, vulnerabilities, and energy. 


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