We are so happy that you have found us and cannot wait to meet you.

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy & we get that, so we take away all of the usual stress and confusion by creating 4 easy to pick package options, that will make it easier for you to book your first visit.

Your first visit with us will be very in depth and will require more time and attention, making our initial time & financial investment larger. After your first appointment, we will create a custom maintenance schedule for you to upkeep your hair.

Please be sure to fill out the Pre-Consultation form and select an option that most fits your needs. If you're unsure, book a consultation or contact us here.

*All New Clients MUST select one of the options below for their first visit. Existing clients are considered new clients after a 3-month or more hiatus.*



SPA Rejuvenation Package

The foundation of our healthy hair care regimen. To ensure a clean and health slate, let's begin with our trinity of treatments.


  • Malibu C® Scalp & Hair Detox, 

  • OLAPLEX® Bond Strengthening Treatment, 

  • Invigorating Steam Hydration,

  • Moroccanoil® Deep Conditioning Experience

Spa Rejuvenation Blowout Package

This combines the trinity of treatments within the SPA Rejuvenation Package, a Silk Blowout, and Trim.

  • Malibu C® Scalp & Hair Detox, 

  • OLAPLEX® Bond Strengthening Treatment, 

  • Invigorating Steam Hydration,

  • Moroccanoil® Deep Conditioning Experience

  • Silky Blowout

  • Trim/Dusting

Big Choppa Style Package

So, you decided to do the BIG CHOP. Let's get you started with our trinity of treatments to strengthen and hydrate your tresses. 

  • Malibu C® Scalp & Hair Detox, 

  • OLAPLEX® Bond Strengthening Treatment, 

  • Invigorating Steam Hydration,

  • Moroccanoil® Deep Conditioning Experience,

  • Custom Tapered Cut w/Design (if desired),

  • Wet to Dry Styling.

Curl "ComeBack"


Let's snap those "Curls" back into shape. Start your journey with our trinity of treatments to strengthen your curls, hydrate your tresses, and give them new life. 

  • Malibu C® Scalp & Hair Detox,

  • Soothing Shampoo,

  • OLAPLEX® Bond Strengthening Treatment,

  • Invigorating Steam Hydration,

  • Moroccanoil® Mask Deep Conditioning Experience,

  • Custom Curly Cut, 

  • Wash & Go Curly Styling





The experience starts by booking one of our four experiences above.

We will receive your appointment request and you'll receive a confirmation message that we've approved your appointment. When you book online you may be prompted to fill out a form which will give us both more details to ensure that your first visit is seamless.



Due to COVID-19 our seating area is temporarily closed. We ask that you please wait patiently in your vehicle. You will receive a text message when it is time to enter the salon. We promise to value your time by staying on schedule and you'll always be greeted with a warm smile. Enjoy a magazine or ask for the Wifi password or a refreshment to help yourself relax.



Our first priority after we meet is making sure we understand everything there is to know about your hair. From your hair dreams to hair nightmares, your entire color history, your daily hair routine, and your current hair struggles. We'll look at inspiration photos and talk about your priorities & lifestyle.

Once we have a clear understanding of your desires, we will develop a unique plan tailored to your specific needs. We'll go over the plan in detail, create a maintenance schedule, and answer every question you have to make sure you're fully confident and ready before moving forward.


Following the consultation, we will get directly to work on your goals! Every single step of the way we use top of the line professional hair color and products to ensure the healthiest, longest lasting results possible. We will work efficiently to respect your time, but we will never sacrifice the quality of the work by rushing your services.


Throughout the service we will chat more in depth about how to maintain the longevity of your hairstyle and/or color, the health of your hair, and how to style at home.




Bring a book or work laptop with you to keep you busy. We will always make sure you're comfortable with our complimentry in-house conceirge service.

  • Hot Beverages like Coffee, Tea, & Hot Chocolate

  • Cold or Room Temperature Bottled Water

  • Muffins, Chips, Popcorn & More

  • WIFI with Apple & Android chargers

  • A light and relaxing salon atmosphere. Guest have been known to fall asleep under our care.

Ready For Your Experience?